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Physical Education


At Broadmeadow Infant and Nursery School, we recognise the importance of a well-rounded and inspiring P.E. curriculum for a child in primary education. Through physical education, children are able to learn and refine an incredibly wide and diverse range of skills and well as key knowledge to enhance their current and future lives. The intent for Broadmeadow is to deliver the national curriculum to our pupils in an invigorating and engaging fashion.                                                                

P.E. has become more and more relevant in modern society with the increase of higher stress levels and the decrease of physical activity amongst children. By linking our P.E. lessons to the school’s core values of respect, aiming high, community and kindness we are allowing each child to constantly find opportunities to use these values in all other aspects of school life. Alongside this, a strong and exciting curriculum allows the school to promote healthy living not just with diet but with wellbeing and relaxation further equipping our pupils with a strong skillset to use in all other parts of their school/home life. Furthermore, through teaching P.E. the school will increase fair play linking to respect, inclusion of others within team games, strong leadership, good volunteering skills, a positive knowledge of fitness and of course a great sense of excitement when partaking in physical activity. All of these skills taught are all greatly compatible across the whole school curriculum and can be used in lessons from science to reading.          


At Broadmeadow, physical education is taught via weekly PE lessons planned and delivered by their class teacher using the scheme PE Hub. They are taught the vital knowledge, skills and understanding through the following units of work:

  • Gymnastics
  • Attack Defend Shoot
  • Hit Catch Run
  • Send and Return
  • Run Jump Throw


Following the detailed plans provided by the PE Hub we are ensuring our children are provided with a variety of unique activities and games to ensure high-quality PE teaching and learning. They also make cross curricular links and ensure the children are building not only their physical skills but all aspects of their learning including English and Maths. In all the units of work they focus on the children’s ‘Head, Hands and Heart’ in order to develop their readiness to learn new skills, build on prior learning and become well-rounded individuals.

As a result of all this, each child will be able to:

  • Demonstrate inclusivity and tolerance by working with all members of the class
  • Show fair play and respect by abiding by the rules of different sports
  • Develop leadership skills by verbally communicating with other members of their team/group
  • Learn to volunteer and participate in all aspects of any lesson
  • Understand the importance of fitness and healthy eating
  • Realise the importance of relaxation and mental wellbeing

Children also have access to a large outdoor area and climbing apparatus within which they can be physically active. During lunch external Play Leaders prepare multiple activities to maximise engagement that include fundamental sports and challenge games.


Children at Broadmeadow will gain a keen enjoyment of physical activity and clear understanding of how vital fitness and healthy eating is to leading a positive and enjoyable life. They will be able to deploy the skills learnt to all other aspects of school life from lessons to after school clubs. The children will develop socially and emotionally and understand the importance of these alongside that of physical competence. All of these will combine enabling them to become well-rounded and confident individuals with a broad range of transferable skills allowing them to be successful in their future lives