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The Governing Body works in partnership with the school. It oversees and approves such policies as special needs, charging for school trips, sex education and Home School Agreements.

It is responsible for ensuring the National Curriculum is taught and monitored.

The Governing Body works with the Head Teacher to determine how the school budget should be spent. This is linked to the School Improvement Plan.

Under Local Management of Schools, schools have control of their own budget. The Governing Body is responsible for running the school within that budget which includes spending on salaries, educational resources, services and building maintenance.

The Governing Board

The Governing Board is made up of the following roles:

  • 5 Co-opted Governors
  • 1 Local Authority Governor appointed by the Local Authority.
  • 2 Parent Governors elected by the Parents.
  • 1 Staff Governor elected by the Staff. Headteacher.

The Governing Board is made up of people with an extensive range of skills and life experiences. It is vital that we have at least one governor with a financial background to enable us to allocate the resources with the best possible outcome for the children.

We have 2 sub committees: Finance, Personnel and Premise Committee and School Improvement Committee

Our strategy for the school is to provide a broad and diverse curriculum in which children are all encouraged to exceed their potential. We provide a balanced education which encompasses sport, music, and art as well as academic achievement.

We want the children to be happy, Vibrant, Life-Long Learners

Our Governors are:

  • Chair of Governors: Laura Hussey (LA)
  • Vice Chair of Governors: Ninna Makrinov (Co-opted)
  • Paula Rudd (Interim Head Teacher)
  • Mike Jennings (Parent)
  • Staff Governor: Julie Alebon 
  • (Parent) Vacancy
  • (Co-opted) Vacancy

We do not publish our governing board diversity data due to the small number of board members.