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The Governing Body works in partnership with the school. It oversees and approves such policies as special needs, charging for school trips, sex education and Home School Agreements.

It is responsible for ensuring the National Curriculum is taught and monitored.

The Governing Body works with the Head Teacher to determine how the school budget should be spent. This is linked to the School Improvement Plan.

Under Local Management of Schools, schools have control of their own budget. The Governing Body is responsible for running the school within that budget which includes spending on salaries, educational resources, services and building maintenance.

Birmingham City Council has appointed an Interim Executive Board to oversee governance at Broadmeadow Infants.

The Interim Executive Board

We would also like to take this opportunity to formally introduce ourselves. We hope to have an opportunity to meet you in person soon. The members of the board are:

Ninna Makrinov; Chair; currently Chair of Governors at Water Mill Primary School and Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick

Rob Meadows; Vice Chair; currently Headteacher at Sladefield Infant school and Chair of Eastwards Consortium.

Frances Millett ; Chair of West Heath Primary School, retired Headteacher and Ofsted inspector.

Viv Randall OBE; Commissioner and Key to Success Partner BEP, NLE and retired Executive Headteacher and Ofsted inspector

Jane Jones; Safeguarding and SEND Trustee, Robin Hood MAT


We do not publish our governing board diversity data due to the small number of board members.