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Broadmeadow Infant School

“Happy, vibrant, life-long learners”



We believe that parental involvement has a real impact on children’s achievement and we take time to ensure that children, parents and teachers are all involved in providing carefully structured progression.


Speaking and Listening 
This is an integral part of every lesson. Children are taught how to use eye contact, body language and their voices to be able to communicate confidently with talk partners, in small groups and in front of larger audiences. They are encouraged to listen and respond to each others views and opinions and to ask questions. 
Reading is taught in a variety of ways including individual, group or guided approach and using a variety of texts. Children are placed into reading groups according to the reading skills they need to develop. These groups are regularly reviewed by the class teachers. Structured schemes are used in each class as well as a wide range of free choice books. In Years One and Two, reading takes place during E.R.I.C. time, during which the children enjoy browsing through a variety of genre including fiction, poetry, catalogues, comics and environmental print.


Writing and Spelling 
Children are taught that all writing is a means of communication and are encouraged and supported through both formal and informal role-play activities to write for a range of purposes including captions, stories, instructions, letters and lists. Initially “Jolly Phonics” is used to support phonic work and letter formation and children are taught to write using a “Towards Cursive” script.